The Greats

Merseyside has a proud boxing tradition. Over the last 150 years the region has either produced or been home to some of the world’s greatest boxers. Jem Mace, the last bareknuckle heavyweight champion of the world, lived in Liverpool for many years. Fast forward to the 1950s Liverpool was once again the home to two future world champions Dick Tiger and Hogan ‘Kid’ Bassey.

In between these two eras Merseyside developed some of the world’s finest boxers. These included Nel Tarleton, Ernie Roderick and Pat McAteer. In the modern era this tradition has continued with boxers of the calibre of John Conteh, Shea Neary and Peter Culshaw.

This section of the web site will profile some the Merseyside’s finest boxers as well has boxers who we think have the potential to become champions in the near future.